Our Equipment

DJ Gear


The only choice for Professional DJs - Pioneer DJ media players and mixers. We only employ the latest in Pioneer DJ Gear and upgrade every few years with the only Pioneer DJ systems.  Always ask your DJ about his DJ gear and sound equipment.  There are a lot of DJs out there using sub-standard gear and over exaggerating specs, simply do a quick Google search to verify their claims.

Sound Equipment


Having tested so many loud speakers, we settled with Electro Voice ETX series. Made for professionals, employing technology that is only seen in Line Array Systems (used in big concerts and stage shows). Extremely powerful and clean sound with zero distortion even at high volumes.  Note: Stay away from DJs that use wattage to rate speakers. The Brand, SPL rating and correct placement of speakers is more important.

Disco Lighting


We use a combination of Moving Head, LED Effects, LED Par Cans and Lasers together with haze and smoke machines create a dance atmosphere and the club feel.  With our premium package, lighting trusses are included as well. Beware of a lot of new and amateur DJs buying cheap lighting from Ebay and and claiming them to be the best. We only use Chauvet and American DJ brands.

Atmosphere Lighting


The concept of atmosphere lighting  is to create a unique ambiance with respect to the theme of the night. In the photo above we used our LED Par Cans and Moving Heads to create a nature theme - green depicting the trees, yellow depicting the sun and blue depicting the sky.  Talk to us about your requirements, we are experts at lighting.

A short video of a typical DJ DESI function

Wedding Reception at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.  All the sound and lighting equipment was provided by DJ Desi.

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