Here are some of the FAQs that will answer some of your questions:

Can I supply my own music to the DJ to play at the function?
Yes, you can supply your own music however we will need to receive it prior to the event to make sure it works.  You can give us a CD (audio or MP3) or on a USB stick. Strictly no Mobile Phones, IPods or Iphones as we cannot precisely control the execution of music from these devices.

Do you have back up equipment and DJ’s if required?
Yes, we have both DJs and DJ equipment on standby in case there is an unforeseen emergency. At the function we always carry spare equipment as well.

Do you offer Master of Ceremonies (MC) services?
We do offer Master of Ceremonies (Emcee) services. On the night we can make announcements and co-ordinate certain events.  For dedicated MC service, please let us know in advance, at least a month before the function so that we can plan ahead.

Do you take requests?
Yes, we will always take requests and play your song unless instructed otherwise by the client.  Part of being good DJ is to listen to our clients and their guest.  Please note: we will play your request when it suits the atmosphere, beat and the tempo at the time.

Do you carry a cordless microphone?
Cordless microphone is part of our standard equipment for every function. This can be used by the MC and your guests for speeches and announcements.  For weddings we provide a lapel microphone as well.  If you require more than one cordless microphone or lapel, please let us know at the time of your booking.

Do you set up display signage or banners?
We only carry business cards and discreet banners that is positioned on the DJ table in front of the console hiding any visible wiring.

Do you carry up to date current music?
We carry the latest and most current music available from around the world.  The music is customized to suit your function or event at the time of the consult.

How do I choose my music?
For most functions, we arrange a consult with our clients and discuss the music and program for the night. Here we will customize the music according to your program and function requirements.

What special requirements will you need to setup?
We will require a table (approximately 1800x600) and a table cloth which is normally supplied by the venue/decorators to blend with the decorations/theme of the room. The DJ will also need access to 2 power points (dedicated for DJ use) and a chair.

Most venues offer 3-Phase (32-50 Amp) power.  We have a distro (a 3-phase 24kw powerboard) that will utilize the 3-phase power for DJ use if required.

What will you wear to the function/event?
We will dress in accordance with the dress code on your invitation and if no dress code is specified, we will check with the client or the functions coordinator prior to the event.

How long have you been djing for?
Professional Disc Jockey experience: over 10 years.  Please refer to our professional profile for full details.

What DJ equipment do you use?
This is a very important question, good and reliable equipment makes a big difference at a successful party.  We only use Pioneer Pro-DJ System and our sound system include JBL, HK audio and Cerwin-Vega speakers.

Is the equipment tested and tagged?
All our equipment is tested and tagged every 6 months according to the Australian Law

Our DJ equipment is state of the art for a mobile situation and everything is tested and tagged.  We also carry spare/extra equipment should you require an additional setup. On top of all, our track record is proven; we have been providing quality equipment and services for over 10 years now.

Do you have insurance?
We have a $20m public liability insurance provided by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited.  We can provide you with a certificate of currency on request.

Why should we book you instead of another DJ Company?
We treat each function very individually and we are happy to assist clients with their music selection. DJ hire is such an important aspect of the evening as a good DJ and music is critical to a successful wedding, party or function. Here is a checklist that you should have for hiring any Dj or entertainment:

  • Professionalism – we are professional DJs and deal with our clients only in a professional manner.
  • Simplicity – we can take care of all the entertainment for your function to make it effortless for you.
  • Commitment – we will give you our full commitment to make your function successful and memorable.
  • Experience – we have extensive experience and know what music to play at the right time.
  • Performance Scope – our music is dynamic and broad as we perform for a wide diversity of audience. 
  • Music Diversity – most functions are multi-cultural so we carry a wider range/diversity of music.
  • Equipment – good equipment is very important to a successful function, we only employ professional sound equipment that is reliable and scalable.
  • Insurance – we have a $20 million public liability insurance and can provide a certificate of currency if requested.  Most venues will not allow DJs with no insurance.
  • Quoting and Booking – we will always give you a written quote together with a system specification so you know exactly what you are getting in terms of price and service.
  • Services – We can provide and coordinate all the entertainment on the night including dancers, dhol players, MCs, live acts, live sound, projectors and stage lighting.
  • Presentation – We will dress up according to your dress requirements, setup our equipment neatly (all cables taped down and hidden) and always be on time.


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