Desi is pronounced “they see” with Hindi (Indian) origin meaning “Local” or “Regional”.  This slang is used to refer to people or things of South Asian origin.  The original term comes from the Sanskrit word “Desa” which means region, province or country. Desi also means “From The Homeland”

Dj Desi is one of the most versatile and experienced Indian DJ in Australia. Primarily based in Brisbane, Dj Desi performs at functions and clubs all over Australia playing the best of Bollywood and Bhangra music together with RnB, Hip Hop, Retro (70’s & 80’s) and Top 50.  This intimate knowledge of Eastern and Western music gives Dj Desi an edge over other Djs as he combines the best of both worlds to give you the best possible mix of music on the night.

Dj Desi’s first performance was at a dinner dance organized by a community club in Brisbane which was attended by 400 people. Dj Desi was 16 years old then and equipped with Denon Dj System which was provided by the club. To everyone’s surprise, Dj Desi rocked the dance floor belting out a mix of hit Bollywood and English tracks that took everyone by storm.  From then on, Dj Desi never looked back and built his DJ career with the aim to provide the best mix of dance music when he performs.

DJ Desi has been performing for over 10 years as a professional Dj and MC. First International performance was in 2005 in Fiji at the World Music Festival. He later went on to represent Australia in Bollywood (India Mumbai) in 2008 and played at many clubs and Bollywood events in Mumbai during Christmas and New Year 2008.  Now he regularly travels interstate and overseas to perform at various clubs and events.

Dj Desi has performed with Panjabi MC, Bally Sagoo, RDB, Sukhbir, Aiysha, Stereo Nation, Punjabi Hit Squad, Dj Suketu and Dj Aqeel on their tours downunder (Australia). Dj Desi has played in Clubs of Mumbai (India), the World Music Festival (Fiji), River Festival (Brisbane), Q150 celebrations - Bollywood themed events, Indian Film Festival (Qld Australia), the Sikh Games and the GAQ Garba events that is attend by over 2000 people.

Relentlessly rising as one of the Australia’s primary dance music luminaries, Desi has even occasionally been granted access to the highly teched out booths in the most respected past and present nightclubs in his own backyard: Hilton Level 5, Fridays, Port Office Hotel, Ceasers, Madison, Cloudland, Shooters, The Bedroom . . . just to name a few.

With such a big demand for Bollywood and Bhangra music, DJ Desi opened up his own club in Brisbane know as “Club Masti” which now has evolved into "Desi Entertainment Services" employing a vast array of entertainers and providing entertainment management services to clients.


Keeping in touch with the true rhythm of Desi culture, DJ Desi has always been an ambassador of pushing Desi music to the mainstream. Blending mixes of east and west, DJ Desi breaks with hard driving Bollywood and Desi Fusion that gradually moves into upbeat Bhangra and Western

During performances, DJ Desi’s preferred musical palate consists of two decks, a laptop, a looping sampler and digital effects. During his performances it’s typical to see him grabbing, twisting and manipulating clusters of knobs buttons and faders, all precisely moved to follow his momentary sonic path. Nothing is planned until seconds before it occurs, and when it does, it is extremely dynamic and energetic. His source of music comes from his personal music collection which includes over 100,000 songs, one of the largest in Australia.
Apart from Bollywood and Bhangra, Dj Desi has also been known to execute sessions of straight RnB, Retro and the latest Top 100 club tracks. Highly versatile, he can also rock the floor with Tamil (South Indian) and Baila (Sri Lankan) music when the demand is there.  Of course, many factors contribute to where a dj set will go, but the final product won’t be known, even to Dj Desi, until it’s over.


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